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Krishi Vigyan Kendra, East Champaran was established by the Indian Council of Agricultural Research in 05.06. 2006 under the administrative control of Dr Rajendra Prasad Central Agricultural University, Pusa (Formerly Rajendra Agricultural University) Samastipur; Bihar observing the possibilities and potentialities of growing cereals, pulses, fruits and vegetables as well as medicinal and aromatic plants in the sandy-loam soil of East Champaran district. Since then, it has proved to be one of the leading centers for front line extension education in the district mandated to organize vocational trainings in agriculture and allied vocations with emerging advances in agriculture research on regular basis. The Centre is also dedicated to organize and conduct front line demonstrations in consultation with subject matter specialist for testing, refining and documenting region specific and sustainable land use system.

Our Mandate

1. Conducting “On-farming testing", refining and documenting the technologies for developing region specific sustainable land use systems.
2. Organize trainings to update the extension personnel within the area of operation with emerging advances in agricultural research on regular basis.
3. Organize long-term vocational training courses in agriculture and allied vocations for the rural youths with emphasis on "learning by doing” for generating self-employment through institutional financing.
4. Organize front-line demonstrations in various crops to generate production data and feedback information.

Aims & Objectives

1. To demonstrate the latest Agricultural Technologies to the farmers as well as the extension workers of the state Department of agriculture/Non-Governmental organization with a view to reduce the time lag between the technologies generation and its adoption.
2. To test and verify the technologies in the socio economic condition of the farmers and to identify the production constraints.
3. To get first hand scientific feedback from the fields and passing it to the research system in order to keep the scientist abreast with the performance of the technologies and the farming problems, so that they reorient their research, education and training programmes accordingly.
4. To impart training to the farmers, farmwomen, rural youth and field level extension functionaries by following the principles of "teaching by doing" and "learning by doing".
5. To provide training and communication support to the line department of the state/NGOs.
6. To develop extension models to be adopted by general extension system for large scale multiplications.

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